About the Innovation Labcast

A Design Thinking Podcast of Epic Win

How do we define innovation?  Can we see it burgeoning as it comes to fruition?  Can we actively spur innovation into existence?  Three donkuses (made of epic brilliance, trenchant wit, and staggering humility, natch) decided to take a deep dive into these questions with alcohol-enhanced chats, and thought it’d be perfection to try and record them.  And this, my friends, was the birth of the Innovation LabCast.  And we’re apologizing ahead of time for all that ensues.

What began as a means of documenting the development of the OLC Innovation Lab (an exploratory installation built around design thinking at the 2016 OLC Accelerate Conference), the Innovation Labcast has quickly become a weekly quorum for three compadres and education tech practitioners to talk shop, unpack moonshot visions for education, and predict the future of teaching and learning. And for one of them to drink Founders Brewing Co. All Day IPA.

Innovation is all around us, and is lit from the spark that is our collaboration. The Innovation LabCast is a series of conversations with puzzle solvers, tinkerers, thought leaders and researchers working through big questions related to education. Our hope is that these challenging conversations will serve as a call to action for likeminded folks to come together in the redefinition of innovation for teaching and learning.

Tools for Success

One of the biggest components of a meaningful lab experience is knowing that you have the right tools in front of you to make it happen. The Innovation LabCast itself is a combination of a collection of technologies that we credit for helping us rock this podcast like a hurricane:

  • Zencastr offers us the simplicity of clicking a link to join a high-fidelity recording session that takes in our individual audio feeds, and then kicks it out as separate tracks AND a combined, post-produced file.  It’s magic and we love it so.
  • Because sharing means caring, we host our podcasts on both the Internet Archive (which offers unlimited space to Creative Commons licensed podcasts)

Meet the Hosts

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