#SquadGoalsNetwork Salons

SGN Salons

#SquadGoalsNetwork Salons

Conferences not enough? Twitter not enough? We want more connection! Your #SquadGoalsNetwork is starting off 2019 with a new opportunity:

#SGNSalon: an online gathering for educators to connect + collaborate (and occasionally in the evening over a cocktail, a mocktail, whatever floats your boat).  Each month an SGN editor will host one of two salons – a daytime and an evening one.

The inaugural #SGNSalon is Thursday, January 17, 9:00PM Eastern, with host Clark Shah-Nelson, who is also hosting this month’s SGN social media takeover for @SQDGLSNTWRK. Grab your favorite drink, snacks, costume, props, and point your browser at http://salon.squadgoalsnetwork.com to join, and be sure to tweet #SGNSalon!

SGN Salons After Hours Socials

After Hours Socials

First Thursdays at 9:00PM Eastern

These casual meetups are led by a #SquadGoalsNetwork editor who will guide the group through exploring ideas, questions, games, books, movies, music, ed tech, research, improv, pets, cocktail recipes, spontaneous micro dance party, you name it. Each salon will be as unique as the participants. Meet a few new folks – whom you will most likely see at an educational conference later this year! 2019, the year of connection, the year of #SquadGoalsNetwork!

For upcoming dates and to access the meeting room, go to http://salon.squadgoalsnetwork.com.

Daytime Design Studios

Third Fridays at 12:00PM Eastern

Have a challenge that you think others share and are willing to collaborate on solving together?  Or maybe you want to spotlight some of the awesome things that your team is doing within the digital learning space?  Our Daytime Design Studios are meant for groups to come together to connect and tackle ubiquitous challenges together in a design sprint style session.  Come with your problems and lets see how we might elevate impactful solutions.

For upcoming dates and to access the meeting room, go to http://salon.squadgoalsnetwork.com.

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