Out of the Way

Out of the Way

It is somehow already past half way through my month as the social media takeover guy for the award winning Squad Goals Network. (I had nothing to do with winning that award myself. But still, we are an award winning PLN). I kicked things off at the beginning of the month with a plea for you to say “I’m here!”. We can’t connect and build our PLN constellations without mapping to each other. There are some signs that it has worked a bit. We are gaining Twitter followers and followees. We have openly, on Twitter, claimed new friendship status with a couple of other networks, including the Instructional Design Interest Group of Ontario (@IDIGOntario) and the FemEdTech network (@FemEdTech) which is amazing!

But after having the pleasure of witnessing Robin DeRosa’s keynote at the Technology Enabled Seminar and Showcase in Toronto earlier this week, I see that my plan is too simple. Even if we shout out “I’m here!” so that we know how to find each other, we can’t map to each other if things are in the way between us. Things like, you know, life?

So I am adding a piece to the plan. Step one is still shouting “I’m here!” but step two is for us to begin to identify barriers that we may have between us that could limit our opportunity to help each other by connecting.

What is in our way? Maybe it’s just time. Maybe it’s not seeing how the Squad Goals Network can benefit you. Maybe it’s just not yet feeling connected to us.

So this post is hopefully a kick off to a conversation. What is a barrier in between the Squad Goals Network and you, and what can we do about it? Comment below or tweet at us to see if we can get this stuff out of the way or figure out how to go around it.

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