Creative Confidence – Innovation Labcast Episode #017

Creative Confidence – Innovation Labcast Episode #017


  1. David Kelley talks about creative confidence as “the notion that you have big ideas and have the ability to act on them.” Let’s do an ecological check-in: how are you feeling with your creative confidence?
  2. As we’ve moved into the summer, taken vacations and had a chance to reflect on our practice, is there anything new you’re drumming up or want to accomplish in the upcoming year that will require creative confidence.
  3. Do you have a moment that you’re most proud of, related to exhibiting creative confidence and making something happen?
  4. It’s interesting to think about CC helping create virtuous cycles (of virtues!) with sticktuitiveness or persistence. Who do you point to in your life who has a real strength of CC or persistence due to their CC?

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