Podcasting for Education with Dr. Randy Meredith – Innovation Labcast Episode #014

Podcasting for Education with Dr. Randy Meredith – Innovation Labcast Episode #014

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We’ve got a LabCast for you today.
I’ve been looking forward to the episode where I would be able to introduce you to a person in my life who has served me as a professional advisor, a spiritual guru and a friend. In fact, he is the person I credit for giving me a chance to get started in this field of instructional design by believing in me really early on as a curious educator wanting to explore this field further.
Dr. Randy Meredith has an extensive career of serving in these capacities for many people like myself. At the time that I first met him he was the director of the office of academic technology at Spring Arbor University and was A great boss and supervisor for that whole department which I had the pleasure of experiencing firsthand. Randy’s dissertation was on “The Impact of Podcasting on Perceived Learning, Classroom Community, and Preferred Context for Podcast Consumption” and today Benjamin Scragg and I were able to pick his brain on the findings of his study in light of our own experiments with podcasting through this innovation LabCast. It was a fun conversation as anticipated. I hope you enjoy it and I’m looking forward to continuing these conversations and further episodes going forward.
Ladies and gentlemen I give you the one, the only, Dr. Randy Meredith.

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