We Found More Than Cougar Gold Cheese

We Found More Than Cougar Gold Cheese

A reflection by Bettyjo Bouchey on the power of personal learning networks.

ACCESS – Does regular access to other individuals from other institutions and institutional perspectives challenge your definition of access and what it means? If so, how?

It sure does!  Not only does it challenge me to strive for better, it helps ground me to what is feasible and how we benchmark with our peers.  Our PLN is invaluable to my understanding of how our online organization is doing and where we are going!

FACULTY SATISFACTION – How has your participation in the PLN benefitted faculty and colleagues at your home institution?

Just knowing where we are in the peer landscape and being able to speak confidently about what others are doing has been so rewarding and has impressed my colleagues.

LEARNING EFFECTIVENESS – When you reflect on your work, how has meeting and learning from individuals from other institutions and institutional perspectives helped you to clarify or re-define what it means for learning to be effective?

I certainly see the diversity in how online learning is happening, but I can also see the maturity in our collective understanding of learning and where that is leading us.  I feel like I am part of it now!

SCALE – Is the PLN scalable and/or replicable by others at other institutions/organizations? If so, how? What challenges do you encounter?

I believe it is!  Our PLN started with our IELOL cohort while in our Moodle classroom, and then at WSU-Pullman, and now via Zoom, Slack, and a Google Drive as we embark on our first research study together!

STUDENT SATISFACTION – Do you feel that your involvement and/or collaboration with the PLN has helped you create better student experiences at at your institution?

I believe it has; similar to faculty satisfaction — I can now see where this is all going and how my institution is playing a part in shaping what online learning is.  I feel much more confident in articulating what our signature experience for students is now that I have some benchmarks to draw from.

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