November is Here – Squad Goals Takeover Goes North

November is Here – Squad Goals Takeover Goes North

November is here and the Squad Goals Network is going north for the first time. My name is Terry Greene and I am taking over the social media game for the Squad Goals Network from Canada this month.

One of my tasks is choosing a theme for Squad Goals Network activity for the month. First, I tried to pick something that could maybe triangulate with the first two themes. Ryan Straight chose fear for October.

Let’s talk about doing things that scare you and how your networks can help you overcome that fear.

Makes sense to me. I was on board for that. Especially for the Halloween pun possibilities. That just ghost to show you how simple I am.

Angela Gunder, to kick things off in September, chose tide pools and oceans, saying:

I want to spend some time in the shallows examining the microcosms that exist there.

Holy shit. I’m in those shallows myself because I am not that deep. What a great theme. Okay, I told myself, let’s not try to triangulate this after all. So I thought I would take a simpler route to a theme… How about something that rhymes with fear? And then it came to me. I actually already revealed the theme in the post title.

November is here.

I saw the constellations
Reveal themselves, one star at time

~From Bobcaygeon, The Tragically Hip

The Squad Goals Network is “a constellation of networked educators, incubating new ideas and fostering connections, all in an effort to expand equity and access within higher education”.  This month, I want to ask you to reveal yourselves. I want you to say “I’m here.” and tell us where your here is, as literally and figuratively as you’d like. Where are you in your journey as an educator? How can we connect? You need to know where things are to map them.

Revealing where you are will allow us to form the lines between the stars. To make more constellations.

I’ll start by telling you where I am. I am literally quite close to the town the song lyric quoted above is named after. Actually now would be a good time to stop reading, scroll down to reveal the embedded song, press play, then come back up here to finish reading. Anyway, that is the literal here. I am in Ontario, Canada.

You can find me in a few different virtual places.

I am here. Virtually Connecting is a group of educators who work to give each other a little piece of access to educational conferences that most of us can’t make it to. You are welcome to join.

I am here. Ontario Extend is a professional learning community, centred (that’s the Canadian spelling! I’m not wrong you red squiggly line!) in Ontario. Central to the community are a set of modules for enabling learning experiences via tech. But more than that it’s a group of educators sharing their teaching and learning journeys. You are welcome to join.

I am here. VoicEdCanada is a radio station for educators to have conversations in a place that anyone can listen in. I’m one of over 60 podcasts hosted there. You are welcome to join.

I am here. Although not as often as I’d like. Ds106 is an open… lifestyle for playing with and sharing digital creativity. This was my rabbit hole to all the other things. You are welcome to join.

And I am here. Squad Goals Network. A constellation of networked educators. One that invited me in with open arms. And now I’m inviting you in with open arms. You are most welcome to join.

This month my main goal is to help encourage you to say “I’m here” and add to our constellations. I only linked to each of the Twitter accounts of the networks listed above. That way your first step is simple if you want. Just click follow. Follow me, follow us. Follow backs will follow and we can take it from there.

Photo by Filip Bunkens on Unsplash

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