#4YOS Part II – Innovation Labcast Episode #029

#4YOS Part II – Innovation Labcast Episode #029

an icon of three people in a black roomIn episode 29, Angela and Ben continue the conversations from weeks past on the recent initiative we are calling “Four Years of Service.” It is an offshoot of using Design Thinking concepts in light of social justice issues in society today. Four Years of Service is affectionately referred to as #4YOS and you can learn more about it at 4YOS.com.
Here, Angela and Ben discuss having the Innovation LabCast focused on being a Design Thinking Lab and using the building of 4YOS as a societal problem to be solved. This conversation helped challenge and clarify my own thoughts about how and why this experiment has been so valuable to me in these past months. It also instilled even further anticipation I already have for what these new ideas and initiatives have the potential to do for our collective futures in the years ahead. I hope it does the same for you as well.
Here’s the conversation.

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