Meet the Editors – Dr. Ryan Straight

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Meet the Editors – Dr. Ryan Straight

Dr. Ryan Straight is currently an Assistant Professor of Educational Technology at the University of Arizona. Much like Angela, Ryan found himself in his current (dream) job via a strange and unexpected series of events and employment: in Ohio he worked at a pool supply company, cleaned clubs and parked golf carts at a country club, vacuumed and cleaned computers in dorm rooms, shelved books in library stacks, supervised a Circulation desk at said library, managed an undergraduate course catalog, tested and managed quality assurance on a universitywide student system, then moved to Arizona to build and delivered technology-focused workshops before stepping into his current role. In addition to his faculty position in Educational Technology, he teaches in the Informatics and Cyber Operations programs, teaches for the Honor’s College, is the UA South Faculty Fellow, and writes for the Chronicle of Higher Education’s ProfHacker blog.

Ryan holds a BS.Ed in Integrated Language Arts (a fancy and confusing way of saying he was licensed to teach 7-12th grade English but never ended up using that license because he went straight into…), an M.Ed in Cultural Studies in Education (during which he studied mainly inequality and religion in the US public school system), and a Ph.D in Instructional Technology (his dissertation focused on augmented reality mobile gaming, its educational uses, and potential pitfalls), all from Ohio University. He believes in both breadth and depth of knowledge and education, clearly. His current research interests focus mainly on postphenomenology, new media, and the philosophy of technology and its applications in curriculum and instructional design.

He lives in Tucson, AZ with his wife Adriana and their three dogs, Sofie, Menchi, and Chewie. In his spare time he attempts being a photographer (recently favoring his Lubitel 166B and Yashica Electro 35G film cameras), plays too many video games and watches too much 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown. He has a fondness for cooking and an addiction to tattoos. You can find him online at his website, through the The New Professor podcast that he hosts, and his Twitter account. If you want to get bi-weekly photos of his dogs and other shenanigans delivered directly to you, sign up for his newsletter, “Read, Watch Woof”.

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