iBelieve with Ben Scragg – Innovation Labcast Episode #009

iBelieve with Ben Scragg – Innovation Labcast Episode #009

mountain logoLadies. Gentlemen. Children of all shapes and sizes.
We’ve got a great convo for you today on this the 9th episode of the innovation lab cast.
Today, Frank Tomsic and the three amigos cross examine Benjamin Scragg and his pledged devotion to the iBelieve foundation that is ruthlessly doing endless good for the youth of Appalachia. Surely, there must be alterior motives that drives this clearly altruistic endeavor. Or is there?
You’ll have to hear to find out. But I must warn you. You may become an iBeliever if you do so. I know I did.

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  1. Visit theibelievefoundation.com
  2. Here were some of of the questions we asked Ben.
  3. Dad Life (Father’s Day Opening 2010) – YouTube http://youtu.be/DOKuSQIJlog
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