Rick Franklin’s Piedmont Blues – Innovation Labcast Episode #008

Rick Franklin’s Piedmont Blues – Innovation Labcast Episode #008

headphones loopRemember folks, syringe fed squirrels cannot be in the wild. This is one of many nuggets of wisdom we gathered from a fantastic evening of songs and conversations with Angela and the whole Franklin family clan. We talked about Rick Franklin’s (Angela’s Dad) life explorations of musical aptitude into the world of the Piedmont Blues and compared that genre to other forms of blues in light of their historical roots around the nation. The purposes these styles of music had on community storytelling and news events of the day were fascinating to learn about in these conversations. We also talked about the importance of play, storytelling, tinkering, working smarter and creativity as it relates to design thinking and iteration in education. There were also random intersections with Bob Ross, Snoop Dog, parenting tips around cultivating good work ethics in our children, and at one point, the Franklin family dog simultaneously barfed and farted while Ben was formulating a thoughtful and serious question for contemplation. None of this was edited out. You’re welcome. Enjoy the conversation. I know we did and we look forward to the next one hopefully soon with these wonderful folks, cause we just gettin’ started y’all. Buckle your seat belts. You’re about to be labcasted with innovation.
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