Flat Culture and Expertise – Innovation Labcast Episode #006

Flat Culture and Expertise – Innovation Labcast Episode #006

lego loopIn this episode, Frank Tomsic and Angela Gunder talk with Ben Scragg and Tommy Truong about the relationship of flat culture and expertise in higher education. How do we, as instructional designers and learning experience designers, work with subject matter experts, unpack their knowledge/expertise, and curate that experience in a way to effectively convey to students? This question also opens space to discuss whether the current culture in higher education offers the “best” platform to do so.
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Burning Questions

Keep the Convo Alive and Unpack These Ideas
On this episode, the labcasters discuss the relationship of flat culture and expertise in higher education.  How do we unpack subject matter knowledge? How could a flat educational culture work while respecting the roles and experience of subject matter experts? Is innovation evolutionary or revolutionary? Share your thoughts with us below in the comments, or on Twitter with the hashtag #innovationlabcast.


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Sites, Articles, Books and Media to Check Out
Ben mentions a couple inspirational books when he discusses whether innovation is evolutionary or revolutionary:



The Cool Kids

Connect with Thought Leaders, Organizations and Unicorns

Tommy gave a shout out to his undergraduate program, Experience Architecture (B.A.), at Michigan State University. To learn more, you can visit the program’s website at http://xa.cal.msu.edu/ or its Twitter at @xa_msu.

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