Meet the Editors – Clark Shah-Nelson

Meet the Editors – Clark Shah-Nelson

Clark Shah-Nelson serves as Assistant Dean of Instructional Design and Technology for the University of Maryland School of Social Work and is a doctoral candidate Evidence-Based Management. Clark is an eLearning instructional design & development professional with over 20 years experience in educational technology innovations: teaching, designing & leading award-winning online and distance learning teams for learning management platform implementation, training, end user support, professional development and engagement. He has presented at numerous online learning and ed tech conferences, was co-founder of the Blend-Online Educause constituent group, co-founding master chef of the Online Learning Consortium (OLC) Technology Test Kitchen, Engagement Co-Chair for OLC Accelerate, Program Co-Chair for OLC Innovate 2018, and conference co-chair for OLC Innovate 2019.

Clark has authored chapters on synchronous tools for teaching and learning support and co-authored a chapter on professional development installations. As a consultant, Clark has worked on several international projects in the realm of blended and online learning.

You can reach Clark on Twitter at @clarkshahnelson.

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