Squad Goals Network

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The #SquadGoalsNetwork is a collective of educators passionate for celebrating the connections and collaborations that allow us to better serve the larger mission of helping students succeed. In its most simplistic and purest essence, this site is about connecting with others longitudinally and co-creating. For many of us, the story began at an online education conference, but the chapters weave in and out of many institutions around the U.S. and world. Its characters meet face-to-face occasionally, and interact virtually much more frequently as they educate, entertain and delight each other. At its core, our declaration of effectiveness is that our work is strengthened by the creation of networked PLNs that connect individuals and institutions throughout the year, allowing small professional development innovations to scale largely and vice versa.


Who We Are

We’re basically you! We understand that in a time where we are asked to do more with less, we can only succeed through close collaboration with peers within and beyond our institutions. A small group of us decided to create a hub to share the stories of these connections, and the #SquadGoalsNetwork was formed.


What We Do

Stories have the power to connect, demystify and aid us in our endeavors. This site, at its heart, is a collection of stories. We pull from contributor sites and allow others to post to this site with the goal of helping educators build strong connections to synergistic efforts and new partners in crime. We will be reopening our story submission portal soon, and when we do, we invite you to share your story with us, particularly if you’ve ever been aided in your work by your colleagues generosity.